Dusty Schaller is a drummer, producer, and co-owner of TreeHaus Recording in Woodland Hills, CA.

Schaller grew up absorbing every style of music he could get his hands on, and it’s reflected in his resume; his credits range from hip-hop (Fatlip from Pharcyde, J-Dash), to pop (Chantal Kreviazuk, Madi Wolf), to country (Carrie Underwood, Billy Ray Cyrus), to electronic (Magic Bronson, Komox, Moollz), to rock (Our Lady Peace, Trev Lukather), and more.

Schaller began drumming at age 10. His first band cut a record with producer, and former Pavement drummer, Gary Young. Schaller instantly knew he’d found his calling, and spent the next year in the studio at Young’s side, getting schooled on the ins and outs of recording, mixing, and the music business.

He soon linked up with songwriters Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk, spending several years as their in-house drummer/engineer, before opening TreeHaus Recording with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Justin “JC” Gariano.

Schaller prides himself on creative uses of “found sounds” percussion and creative electronics, both live and in the studio. His energetic live performances and in-the-pocket grooves have led to multiple US and world tours.

drumming, programming, producing, engineering – sessions, gigs, tours