Socadia – “More Than Meets The I”

Socadia has released a new single, “More Than Meets The I.” The track marks my first collaboration with the group since 2011’s “In Your Dreams.”

This was a very special recording session for all of us. I first met Justin “JC” Gariano back in 2009, while I was a member of Socadia. He was really excited about working with the band, but the timing never worked. As the years went by, I left Socadia and began working more and more as a session musician, including several records Justin was producing.

Fast forward to today, Justin and I run a recording studio together, TreeHaus Recording. And here we are, finally working on the session that brought us all together in the first place. Enjoy!

Stephan Martin – vox/gtrs/synths
Dusty Schaller – drums/synths
Justin Gariano – synths

Written and Produced by Stephan Martin
Co-produced and engineered by Justin Gariano and Dusty Schaller
Mixed by Justin Gariano
Recorded at TreeHaus Recording
Mastered at LightHouse by Chris Hesse


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