TreeHaus Recording raw drum clips

A quick playlist of raw drum clips cut today at our recording studio, TreeHaus Recording. Various snares and mics. No plugins, no post tomfoolery. Just raw tones through analog gear into Pro Tools.

Detailed setup after the list…

Mapex maple 24″,13″,16″
Snares as labeled
Soultone custom series cymbals

Kick – D112 or D6 (as marked), Yamaha SubKick
Snare – SM 57 top, Beta 57 bottom
HH – C414
Toms – 421s
Overheads – Gefell UM70 pair
Rooms – Josephson c42 pair

Mic Pres:
HCL T8 tube pres
Langevin AM16 pres
Daking 52270H’s

Chandler Germanium Compressor
Daking Fet II
Radioman f600 stereo compressor
Avalon AD2044 stereo compressor


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