The Story of …. Socadia’s “The End of the World”

The End of the World,” by Socadia, was released Feb 24, 2010 on the [trees for the forest] EP.

“The End of the World” (“EotW”), was the opening track on [trees]. It started as an instrumental demo track called “Hermes” that László Bolender had written and recorded years earlier, prior to Socadia. All of the keys, most of the guitars, and the outro drum programming you hear on “EotW” are from the “Hermes” recording.

“EotW” was still a work in progress when we recorded all the live drums for the [trees] EP, and, at that time, we figured the track would only have programmed drums throughout.

Stephan Martin wrote all the verse lyrics/melody, and I wrote the chorus lyrics/melody. Stephan added his signature arpeggiated, dreamy guitar licks, and I got to work programming all the drums.

The chorus was now begging for live drums over the programming, but we didn’t have the money to go back into a recording studio. I ended up slicing the live drums from another [trees] track, “The Warning,” and painstakingly editing together the drum part, note by note, into the entirely different beat you hear in “EotW.”

The brilliant Matt Mcjunkins layed down the bass guitar, and the song was mixed and mastered by Masaki Liu.

“End of the World” is one of my favorite Socadia tracks, and one I always had insane amounts of fun playing live.

words and music by Stephan Martin, Dusty Schaller, Laszlo Bolender, Arturo Peraza

Stephan Martin – vocals, guitars
Dusty Schaller – drums, drum programming
Laszlo Bolender – guitars, synths, programming
Matt McJunkins – bass guitar

Engineered by Dusty Schaller
Produced by Socadia
Mixed and Mastered by Masaki Liu



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