My 2011 Year in Review

Busy, busy year in 2011. A few musical highlights, with links…

-Joined up with Soultone Cymbals
-Socadia’s “Catch Me” appears in the TV show Being Human (starts at 13:44)
-Drumming for Sharif Ibrahim and his band Who? What? Ninja!
-Drumming for Raine Maida
-Drumming for Monte Negro on their U.S. Cosmic Twins Tour
-Blur’s “Song 2” cover with a little kid in Texas
-Twenty-two shows playing trash cans and water barrels with Street Beat
-Drumming for Fantazzmo
-Socadia releases single “In Your Dreams,” gets national airplay on Passport Approved
-Streaming Socadia live show at The Viper Room
-Helped build a recording studio in Nashville
-Engineering with J Dash, Our Lady Peace, Phoenix Stone, Liana Conway, others
-Drum Teching all over the U.S. for Smash Mouth
-Countdown to midnight onstage in Orlando

Starting 2012 off right: writing songs with several artists; buying some awesome new gear, and moving into a new music space.


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